An international company to which we redesigned the existing website according to their wishes and instructions with our tips and weekly follow-ups.

We redesigned the website, unified the content and, due to the increased conversion, changed the website, which now works flawlessly and has a modern look and high functionality.

In this way, a successful and promising company has come to life around the world, which now finds it easier to design content for a website and advertising.



51 %

Growth of visits

70 %

Lower share of outputs

21 %

New users

Purchasing process

We have introduced a simpler and more transparent purchase process in the online store, with many payment options clearly divided. These are thoughtful purchases and so is the whole buying process. Worldwide delivery is enabled.


Due to the unusual products that the company offers, a large part of the website is just education about the product and its effects. The site is designed so that the content is transparent and easy to read for each visitor to the website.


The company is building a strong emphasis on the Omnipemf community, so we have found through analysis and conversations that it makes sense to include this aspect in the website, through which users always have answers to any unresolved questions.