PharmaHemp is a Slovenian company that manufactures cannabis products. With its flexibility, innovation and reliability, it has delighted many users in the field of cosmetics since 1965.

In 2020 we helped the Pharma Hemp brand go one step further – with the creation of a new company website and a new online shop, we made access to their CBD products even easier as they are now presented in four languages.

We are happy to be part of this positive experience of a once family company that inspires people with its history and its product sales in more than 65 countries around the world.



64 %

Visit growth

81 %

Lower bounce rate

26 %

New users

The start of our common journey

The previous PharmaHemp website was slow and generally poorly optimized which caused quite some headaches for our client and their customers. After talking to the client, we decided to modernize the website. The redesigned website is up to date and friendly to both administrators and visitors.

E-news & chat

The promotion of CBD products is often blocked, so direct communication with customers is very important to our client. This is one of the things that makes Pharma-Hemp so successful that we had to take it into account during the renovation. We have integrated the possibility of maintaining the company’s contacts with customers, with which they can offer them many special discounts. The website also has a integrated chat for customers who need help while shopping.

The buying process

The integrated online shop is user-friendly and very simple, as proven by the reduced number of abandoned shopping carts. The possibility to select several product variants enables us to make the list of all products shorter and thus clearer. In order to speed up the purchase, we have also implemented the option of automatic registration and login with a Facebook or Google account in the shopping cart.


Due to the company’s rapid growth outside of Slovenia, there was a need for a multilingual website. In addition to the Slovenian version, we have also edited the English, German and Spanish versions of the website.

Regular promotions

The website has a simple way of advertising with the help of elements that can be updated with just a few clicks. With this method we can easily change the advertisements on the page. Promotions are automatically added and applied to the shopping cart or updated with special discounts.