We designed the website for the I AM PANDA brand, which is committed to making their clothes with natural materials. Therefore their products are 100% organic and body-friendly, with no additional chemicals or toxic dyes.

I AM PANDA is certainly one of our most outstanding websites and the website has been designed with the utmost precision and adapts to any resolution.


High footer functionality

A lot of details have been added to the website footer that you can also see for yourself. It contains a menu with the same functionality as the one in the website header. In addition to the menu, there are links to the terms of use and the privacy policy. The footer also includes a description of the company’s business and a form that can be used to subscribe to free company news.

Elegant online store design

The online store is created with great precision and is the most visited website. If we put the mouse pointer on the product, another image of that product wil be displayed with an elegant animation. The price is minimised on the product page in order to emphasize the product and not the price. The products are separated by a thin gray line, which helps make the website look more elegant.

Variable product

The company’s products were often versions of the same products, so when displaying the selected product, we integrated the option to choose the size and color. The buttons match the design and color of the rest of the website.

The buying process

We have made the shopping cart very user-friendly. Here you can enter discount vouchers and the discount will be displayed and deducted.
Various payment methods are also available. The delivery costs are added to the shopping cart, which avoids unpleasant surprises when completing the payment or at the delivery.

Sliding animations

One of the special features of the website are the sliding images on the IAWU webpage. The images represent a kind of alternative life with powerful messages in which animals behave like humans. The goal is to present human actions through the eyes of the animals that suffer from them.


The company wanted to expand the sale of its products outside Slovenia, so we adapted the website to English.